How to get tiny pieces of glass out of skin that you cant see?

Answer If you don't want to go to a doctor, then try soaking your hand in very warm water and then putting black salve and a bandage on the spot. I'm no doctor, but that's what I'd try

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Do tiny pieces of glass kill you if swallowed?

On One Hand: Undetectable if GroundDespite the many television shows that feature the ingestion of ground glass as a covert method of killing someone, it's not quite that simple. You can detect eve... Read More »

The Difference Between Heady Glass Pieces & Glass Pieces?

A heady glass piece is a term assigned to a piece of a specific quality. High-quality pieces are described as "heady" by glass enthusiasts. Quality is based on a number of factors including skill a... Read More »

How do I cut small pieces of glass?

Use a Glass CutterLay the large piece of glass on a clean, flat surface. Take a glass cutter, and coat the cutting edge with lubricating oil. Use the glass cutter to make a scoring line by scraping... Read More »

Can glass cause a tire to blowout If so how much :( and how big or pieces?

When looking for an answer for this question 2 factors come to mind.1. How sharp is/was the glass? 2. How new and durable are your tires? Also keep in mind how worn out are your tires. If you have ... Read More »