How to get this kind of hair side part?

Answer blow dry your bangs upwards and then hairspray it.

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Should a girl part her hair on the left side or the right side?

Opposite of the hand you write with. That way when you write you hair won't fall in your face.

How to Get a Side Part in Your Hair?

You can part your hair on the left side, the right side or straight down the middle. If you want to see what you look like with hair parted on one side then part your hair on that side to see if th... Read More »

How to Layer Hair With a Side Part?

Layering your hair gives your tresses a more textured, voluminous-looking style. Layering is especially good for people with thin hair, as the shorter top layers make adding volume easier. Although... Read More »

How to Get a Side Part in Your Hair (for Girls)?

Nice part to the sideIt's always a hot look, but sometimes parting your hair to the side can be difficult, but this article will help you through it.