How to get this hair look... read description?

Answer Your hair may be too short to do this fully. Well the style, get a half inch curling iron and curl all of your hair in around 1/2 inch sections, then brush it through, and hairspray. Simple, but ti... Read More »

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Why does my right eye look like it's closing (read description)?

THAT HAPPENED TO ME TOOTry opening it. with your fingers. that helped.

How to do this sign on keyboard (READ THE DESCRIPTION)?

Make sure that Num Lock is on. While pressing the ALT key, type 0147 or 0148 on the numeric keypad. Release the ALT key to display the character.

I'm concerned about the color of my gums. Does this sound bad (read description)?

So long as you're not experiencing a lot of pain, bleeding or receding (that is, your gums are covering less and less of your teeth) I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Can your hair fall out from using products (read description please)?

It's helping your hair! Morrocan oil is AMAZING for hair, it keeps it strong and healthy and super shiny. You are taking such good care of your hair, so if anything your hair will only improve not ... Read More »