How to get thin fast?

Answer Here are some good ideas:1. Do something that gets your heart rate up a bit like, walking, running, biking, and swimming.2. Eat Whole, Organic foods like: Broccoli, Cabbage, Organic Brown Rice, Spi... Read More »

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Why is my urine stream thin/fast and clear?

Ummm you've been drinking alot of fluids?

What can someone do to keep weight on their body if they have a fast metabolism and eat fine but are on the thin side?

Answer You have to eat more, and eat food with high calories and fat. Don't try and clog your arteries though.

I'm thin, like REALLY thin... and i'm neither anorexic nor bulimic... but my cheeck's REALLY chubby...?

ama, kite perlu bersyukur dgn kejadian Allah ye..dgn ini kite akan rase lebih tenang..sesungguhnye ini adalah takdir dan tidak boleh disalahkan oleh sesiape...haha!! XDps...she is my friend and i k... Read More »

Do I Look Naturally Thin or Anorexic Thin *PICS*?

you are quite thin, but so what? That's your body shape, embrace it. You're tall and thin like a model. The people who started the rumors are jealous of your ability to eat and still be thin. They'... Read More »