How to get the password for the administrator account n windows 7?

Answer Password Recovery software can help you except for re-install. But you need to use another computer and a USB/CD.Step 1: Download and install Rekeysoft Windows Password Recovery on another computer... Read More »

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How do I change the administrator's password in XP with a limited account?

Changing the Administrator PasswordInsert and boot from your Windows XP installation disc. The installer will inspect your system, and load the necessary files. When it finishes, hit "Enter" to "Se... Read More »

Windows XP User Account--when i try to delete the guest account as an administrator, it freezes my computer.?

Turn off the guest account…Windows XP passwords:All accounts must have passwords. Each person must have a separate username and password to sign on the com... Read More »

How to Create a Password Reset Disk for an Administrator Account in Vista?

Resetting a lost password is arguably the most common helpdesk support request in most companies, especially if users have a large number of passwords to remember. Windows Vista features a couple o... Read More »

Where is the administrator password kept in Windows?

Only the computer's system administrator will have the administrator password. Options are available to change this password---but only if you know the password. Those options can be found in the "... Read More »