How to get the CSS that goes along with a JQuery UI button?

Answer is the overview of theming. Reading this page will answer many of your questions. What you need to do is go to ThemeRoller ( an... Read More »

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Difference Between jQuery & Ajax?

JQuery is an open source JavaScript library, that provides a faster way of developing JavaScript applications through a macro syntax that is more concise than JavaScript. Ajax stands for "Asynchron... Read More »

How to Call PHP Functions With jQuery?

The jQuery library provides the ability to asynchronously issue an HTTP POST request, for example to call a PHP function in an external file. To call a PHP function using jQuery, you need to create... Read More »

How to Pass a Response From PHP to JQuery?

PHP is an open-source programming language used to build websites. JQuery is a JavaScript library that makes websites more dynamic for users. It is used in carousels that rotate an image gallery an... Read More »

Which part of jquery.js file I need to remove ?

jQuery's current version (1.3.2) of a JavaScript Library is under 56-KB in size, so there does not seem to be a need to remove portions of it to make it more compact. You are better off just leavi... Read More »