How to get that light acoustic sound?

Answer Dude, I don't know but you'd be FAR better of asking this in Rock & Pop :)

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Amp settings to make an electric sound more acoustic?

It depends highly on your gear, I wish you guys would let us know what you got when you ask Q's like this.but try thisplay from the neck pickup, that's where all the tone lives.light reverb simulat... Read More »

How to Make an Acoustic Mandolin Sound Louder?

Mandolin players sometimes need more volume -- especially when playing with other instruments that drown out the sound of quieter mandolins. But a few modifications may solve this problem. Pick gua... Read More »

What is the remote code for an Acoustic Research HTB80 Sound Bar?

if u go to ' ' u can see how to make them but they have some things that wouldn't really worka magnet is pulled to metal witch ever way you put it and... Read More »

How to Make an Acoustic Guitar Sound Like an Electric Guitar?

Is it possible to make an acoustic guitar sound like an electric guitar? This tutorial will explain how to at least modify the sound of an acoustic a little so that it seems to have a sound of an e... Read More »