How to get sweet taste out of my mouth?

Answer Uhm.. lick a lemon i guess?

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Why does my mouth always taste bad after I take a nap?

Things to try:1. Gargle with a mix of:1/2 glass warm water + 1 TBS white vinegar + salt2. Have teeth sealed (a clear material). Same for wisdom teeth later.3. Use:- ARM & HAMMER® PeroxiCare- ACT T... Read More »

How to Eliminate a Bad Taste in the Mouth?

Before you can eliminate the bad taste in your mouth, you must determine what caused it in the first place. Possible causes include cavities or tooth decay; inflammation of the gums, tongue or mout... Read More »

How do I get rid of a soapy taste in my mouth?

Eat or drink something tangy like oranges or orange juice. That may help.

What does it mean when you taste metal in your mouth?

Blood cells contain hemoglobin which carries oxygen. When blood breaks down, iron is released and causes a metallic taste in mouth. Bleeding can be from the gums, sinuses or nose. The taste can get... Read More »