How to rid of trojan backdoorPl help me?

Answer complete system dump - only fast/cheap way.comp store Maby could fix it but it would be a long time and very $$$$$$

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Trojan help?

my pc was full of virus and the tips of the blog helped me a lot.…look for more information on the blog. choose and use the programmes recommended by him,... Read More »

HELP, Trojan!!!!!!!!!?

Hi, Naughty Naughty lolWell first download the following:Spybot:…Adaware:…Install both these and then scan with t... Read More »

Trojan, help to get rid of it!!!!?

SAFE MODE FIRST! then isolate it and delete it.

HELP! Blackdoor Trojan(!)?

Here you go!Malwarebytes' free program at this link.…Spybot Search and Destroy:…ATF-Cleaner (XP users only) Sorry... Read More »