How to get rid of the Wikipedia blackout screen.?

Answer If you really can't do without it, turn on Instant Preview in Google -…Hover over the double arrow to the right of the search results and choose to go to ... Read More »

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Wikipedia blackout 18/1/12 ?

They've shut down the entire English part of their website in protest of a couple of anti-pirating bills Congress is trying to pass at the moment.The bills, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the... Read More »

Wikipedia blackout impact?

More than 162 million people saw Wikipedia message asking if you could imagine a world without free knowledge. From all around the world messages dominated social media and the news. Millions of pe... Read More »

Bypass wikipedia Blackout....easy?

The purpose of the blackout itself was not to block people from wikipedia but to register a protest. It is not a wrong thing to circumvent this as in the end, wikipedia is meant to be open and shar... Read More »

Wikipedia blackout What the heck is going on!?

Yup I got the same thing too :p but there's a way around it :) just click on Cached and if it still views incorrectly then while it's in Cached view click on Text-only version.Use google to search ... Read More »