How to get rid of tangly hair?

Answer Comb your hair and don't brush it. When you put your shampoo in your hair comb through your hair and rinse it. Conditioner is way better than 2 in 1 but I have really curly hair and conditioner hel... Read More »

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Does having thick hair make having layers tangly and puffy in the morning?

Wow, you just described my hair before I got my layers. I have really thick hair like yours. I was thinking of getting layers, but I didn't know if they would make my hair even more poofy. I was to... Read More »

Which type of hair are more common ....straight hair,curly hair,wavy hair.?

Hi dear Sis..I guess, mostly have some natural waves on their hair..If not then, we need not put the best to blow and spray or wax them just to obtain the best straight flawless hair too. As many g... Read More »

What hair dye product/ hair service should I try if I want to dye my hair without damaging it?

Sorry but all dyes other than semi, demi.permanent colors will damage the hair. Ask your stylists to use 10 volume which is the weakest amount of dye to lift the hair to a brighter volume. Maybe th... Read More »

Do girls prefer men to have long hair, short hair or no hair?

I don't really care, but since you're asking I kind of always like thinks inbetween. So I would say inbetween short and long hair. ^_^