How to get rid of nose keloid fast?

Answer You might try some cream against keloids and use alcohol against any infection and hopefully you'll be fine then..

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How do you stop a runny nose fast?

You are suffering from too much cold, do this, press hard two minutes bellow the nose (upper lip). If not stop then do it again after 15 minutes, then again after 15 minutes, runny nose will ... Read More »

Coldsore scab on nose.... help! I need this to heal FAST!?

If it's not healing properly, it may be infected in which case you'll need a dose of antibiotics. It's infected if it is continuously weeping fluid, or there's pus, it's turning green or yellow, an... Read More »

How to get rid of keloid?

Here is a list of typical and alternate treatments, and no matter what, your skin will always be prone to having another keloid recur after treatment.No treatment for keloids is considered to be 10... Read More »

How can I get rid of this keloid scar or whatever it is on my ear?

uhhh actually [about leas answer] peircings get keloids very commonly. I HAVE HAD A KELOID ON A PIERCING BEFORE...THIS IS WHAT MY DOCTOR AND TATTOO PARLOR TOLD ME TO DO - -get BC aspirin powder and... Read More »