How to get rid of knee joint pain plz Doctors, help me out. I'm suffering.?

Answer Yes, it is possible that this pain could be related to arthritis type conditions or something like rheumatic fever. There is another possibility for what could be causing your pain as well and tha... Read More »

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I have inner knee pain when i walk, and sometimes my hip joint aches also. just moving my knee will hurt the?

Take a proper treatment from joint pain specialist and I hope that will help you better. . .

If i have knee joint pain should i do this?

No, you shouldnt do this, if you have joint pain.

Pain in Knee Joint Due to Debris?

If you experience a deep ache in your knee that grows worse when you walk, then you could have debris within your knee joint. This debris can interfere with your mobility if it is not removed.

Can early pregnancy hormones cause knee joint and back pain?