How to get rid of ice burn/ frostbite?

Answer It'll start to get scaly and eventually peel off, kind of like a sunburn. You'll have some new pink skin growing in which will eventually blend in with the rest of the area. There's really nothing ... Read More »

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Ice and salt, is that a burn or frostbite?

When you make home made ice cream, you put salt on the ice because it makes it get colder. Therefore your boyfriend has frostbite.

Is this considered a chemical burn, or frostbite?

I would class it as frost bite, so a burn caused by the cold. I wouldn't expect it to get worse no, as it is it is just a 1st degree burn which will just need to be run under cold water (I know tha... Read More »

How to Treat Frostbite?

Frostbite occurs when the flesh freezes due to prolonged exposure to cold temperatures. Frostbite is most common in fingers, toes, nose, ears, cheeks and chin; in severe cases, it can lead to amput... Read More »

Symptoms of Frostbite in a Dog?

Hypothermia occurs when an extremity had been exposed to a cold temperature for a long time and becomes damages or dies as a result. For dogs, fur provides insulation from cold weather. In these co... Read More »