How to get rid of an extra "satellite" Facebook account...?

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How to Keep My Google Facebook Account & Delete My Yahoo Facebook Account?

Facebook's social networking website relies on a connection with one of the user's email addresses in order to receive notifications about activity on the user's profile and as a username for loggi... Read More »

Why Do Satellite TV Companies Charge Extra for High Definition Reception?

One reason for the surcharge for HD channels and an HD receiver is that HD channels require a greater amount of bandwidth than SD channels, creating a higher per-channel cost for the providers to d... Read More »

How can you install an extra Direct TV receiver and satellite dish at a campsite and receive a good signal?

Answer Check the internet to see what's available for camping. I think you'll be amazed by all the stuff that's out there, just for the camper. Can it be done? Definitely. And it's not as expensiv... Read More »

How do you hook up a digital converter to a satellite receiver in order to get local channels you have to pay extra for through direct tv.?

Why would you need to hook up a digital converter to a satellite receiver ? Arn't they already digital ?