How to get rid of an aching jaw?

Answer The muscles to your jaw tightened up on one side and they aren't working together as they should. You have to free up the muscles to get them both working together to get rid of that pain and here'... Read More »

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How do I relieve my aching head?

*clears throat* I've heard that long, slow and intense head massages with warm hands are great at curing umm...throbbing heads. You can use your hands(or somebody else's) to apply firm yet gentle p... Read More »

Bad aching back pain?

It sounds muscular to me. The best way to treat this is massage with cream or warm oils to loosen the muscles up and painkillers. however you have to look at why this is occuring and from what you ... Read More »

How do you relax aching feet?

Soak them in warm water with spicesElevate themHave a foot person massage them all over concentrating on the aching region with a goal to capture the reason for the aching feet.

Aching Pain In Stomach?

You could have possibly stretched your stomach. The pain/ache will soon die down, trust me.