How to get rid of a stalker help?

Answer How about you tell him your NOT interested

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HELP! STALKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

First of all, if you've left the questions as anonymous and can keep your cool around them, I highly doubt that they would suspect you in any way.Secondly, internet is full of lies, scams etc. So y... Read More »


I've had a couple stalkers and it is REALLY hard to get rid of them. It can get really dangerous if you don't treat the situation right. If you have a stalker, tell someone! And never be a lone, ne... Read More »

Internet Stalker!!!! Help!!?

Aside from changing your email address, there is no easy way to get rid of the guy. Even with a new address, it may be possible for him to find you again, so make sure to create a user account that... Read More »

I have a myspace stalker, help?

report it! then delete your myspace and all your pics, and tell your friends not to add the person doing this to you. if you find out who it is, you could have a court case against them! thats hara... Read More »