How to get rid of a scar that i got by scratching a scab?

Answer Coco Butter. Smells like a chocolate bar so put it on when you first get up. The smell goes away in about a half hour. Then again before you go to bed

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Acne scab turned into scar . help.?

There is cream available against the building of scars, so get this in the drugstore and than get a good healing cream on it so any other scab won't turn into a scar at all..

How can I heal a dent scar after peeling off scab ?

Just let it heal naturally. In a few years the scar will probably be unnoticeable.

HELP!!! i had a pimple on my nose...yeah i picked at it and then it formed a scab...the scab?

cover it up with some neosporin and a bandage and stay in your house for the next 2 months while it heals

Why would a scar be painful have scar from brown recluse bite several months ago it was lanced and healed?

I have had scars that were sensitive for a long time. As long as there is no swelling or drainage, I think it is normal to be sensitive and it could be painful for a while until the underlying tis... Read More »