How to get rid of a coldAny home-made treatments?

Answer i'm tellin' ya, chicken soup is absolutely where it's at! best if it's home made.....boil up a whole chicken until completely cooked, let cool, remove skin and bones and skim off the fat. add a fe... Read More »

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Hot Oil Treatments Made at Home?

Hot oil treatments are known to restore shine, luster and softness to extremely dry or damaged hair. Although they can be bought in the store, hot oil treatments can actually be made in your own ho... Read More »

Skin Care Treatments That Can Be Made at Home?

Make skincare treatments can be made at home from regular supermarket purchases, plus a few special supplies sold by pharmacies. This way you can avoid ingredients you don't like, including the pre... Read More »

Home made deep conditioning hair treatments and facials?

HAIR: Mayonaise, egg yolksSkin: mashed bananna OR egg whites whipped with a fork let dryAvacado is good to useHoney is supposed to make you stay youngused them all

Home Treatments for Dry Hair?

Actions performed in search of the "good hair day"--cleansing, coloring and styling--turn out to be the culprits of dry, brittle hair. The affluence of Americans has afforded many the opportunities... Read More »