How to get revenge from a number of guys who played my friends?

Answer If a guy wants to have sex with a girl, its not going to flourish into a relationship -_- When will women learn that all guys want is sex and nothing after that. Well not all guys, just these ones.... Read More »

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A he-man like kids show from the late 80 or early 90 which featured a lizard or something that turns a guys family to stone and now he seeks revenge and a cure so his parents can live again?

Ideas on places to put someone's number as an act of serious revenge.?

If you really wanted to get revenge on someone i would suggest chatting websites such as omegle or chat roulette there can be some serious stalkers on there and may I ask what you are doing this re... Read More »

How can i get revenge using someones mobile phone number?

Write it on a toilet door/wall or phone booth, along with "for a good time call...."

How to Be Friends with Guys?

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