What is an easy way to get Pregnant?

Answer By having sexual intercourse

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How easy is it to get pregnant?

During any given menstrual cycle, a woman has roughly a 25% chance of getting pregnant. According to, "About 85 percent of all couples will get pregnant within a year." However, "... Read More »

Why Do I Get So Mad Easy While Pregnant?

Anger and mood swings are just a few of the emotional side effects of pregnancy. As your body changes, so does your lifestyle, and the physical and emotional toll that these changes take on you can... Read More »

How easy is it to get a girl pregnant?

On One Hand: Birth Control WorksBirth control methods range in effectiveness from 99 percent to less than 70 percent, depending upon type and proper usage. If one or more highly effective forms of ... Read More »

Is it easy to get pregnant just before your period?