How to get my printer to work for an assignment due tomorrow please!!!!!?

Answer since you didnt install the stuff on the CD, im sure you dont have the driver for the printed installed on to the computer.…use the link, and download the ... Read More »

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My printer doesn't work and i have to do a homework for tomorrow?

Many options: 1. Print it at the library 2. Get to school early and print it there3. Email it to your teacher4. Have a friend print itOr tell us your printer problem and maybe we can fix it?

My printer doesnt work any help please?

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Ideas for an assignment needed please?

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Have a printer scanner everytime i try to scan and email pics and it won't work Please help?

It could be a number of things.1. The Printer/scanner drivers may not be loaded or they may be incorrect or outdated. Solution: go to the printers website and download the new driver.2. You are... Read More »