How to get my music noticed on youtube?

Answer By not giving a f how many people notice you, just do it for the hell of it and people will notice.

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How should I go about getting noticed on youtube?

A: You can make good-quality videos that stay on subject, have plenty of tags (so they'll get noticed in search results.), have unique or interesting names. Put lots of work into your channel. Mine... Read More »

Is doing sub for sub the only way to get noticed on youtube?

The only way to get noticed is to make your posts interesting. And it does help if you are posting something original, not the same as every child does.

How to Get Noticed on Youtube?

So you're thinking about becoming popular on YouTube, are you? It may not be easy, but it is worth it. YouTube is a great website! Use these simple steps, and you could become the next Fred!

How do i get noticed on youtube?

Create a gmail account & login to your youtube .