How to get my lock button unstuck?

Answer Here's the trick:Take a hammer, and tap lightly on the lock button. If this does not work, tap harder. Keep increasing the pressure of the hammer until the button is freed. Feel free to give the bu... Read More »

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How to Get the On/Off Button on the Computer Unstuck?

Under normal circumstances, turning your computer on and off is simply a matter of pushing a button. Sometimes, however, the on/off switch begins to stick, and if you ignore the signs eventually th... Read More »

How to get a combination lock unstuck?

I do not know about your brand. We have Master Lock, which have a disc dial. If yours is similar, Have you tried redialing the combination? The dial may not move. If it doesn't, you can grip the di... Read More »

Where is the lock button on an i-pad2?

it was made because gadgets change and get better and the ipad 1 is rubbish compared to the ipad 2 i have both and an ipad 3 is coming out in a few months.

IPhone 4 lock button stuck!!!!?

It's still in warranty they should give you a new phone.