How to get my ear to "pop" pressure help!!?

Answer Try yawning!

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Do pickles help high blood pressure?

Do I have low blood pressure Please help!?

If you suffer from dizziness, faintness and actual fainting spells and your BP is below 90/60 you have a low BP problem.

HELP!! I'm 17 and I think I have high blood pressure!!?

Eat a healthy diet low in sodium. Get daily exercise, even walking helps. Do not smoke. Check your blood pressure often, even if you are at Walmart or the mall, they usually have blood pressure ... Read More »

Does music help lower blood pressure?

On One Hand: Music Can Lower Blood PressureSeveral studies have found that listening to music can help lower your blood pressure. A study by Dr. Pietro Modesti (University of Florence, Italy) found... Read More »