How to get my dads trust again, over free music.....?

Answer I understand your frustration, but you must look at this from your father's perspective.Ignoring the fact that Limewire is a peer-to-peer (P2P) network sharing mostly copyrighted works (and therefo... Read More »

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How do I Put Music on My iPod Without Having to Sync Every Song Over Again?

An iPod can be synced with the iTunes software two different ways. When the iPod automatically syncs with the program, you are required to sync every song already on the iPod with the device each t... Read More »

Can I change my phone over to my dads old droid over my env3?

Verizon requires you to have a data plan for every smartphone. If your mom already has a smartphone you could share her data (and share her minutes and texts), but otherwise you'll start having to ... Read More »

I have Sony Vegas 9, can i upgrade it to PRO for free or do i have to buy it all over again?

You can upgrade any version of Vegas Movie Studio software to Vegas Movie Studio 9 Platinum Pro Pack for $74.95. Or upgrade any version of Vegas Movie Studio or Vegas LE software to Vegas Pro 9 sof... Read More »

I spilled milk over my dads computer?

Get a lot of uncooked rice. take out the battery and put the battery in rice. Also, put rice where the battery goes in. Basically cover the laptop with rice and just let it all sit for a day or so.