How to get my computer to remember my answers to a contest I'm entering?

Answer You mean Autofill..??you need to enable itOpen Microsoft Internet Explorer.Click Tools and then Internet Options.In the Internet Options window click the Content tab.Click the AutoComplete button.C... Read More »

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What are the answers to gimme a break contest on Family?

The original voice was done by Bob West. He retired in 2001 and now Dean Wendt does Barney's voice. For sentimental reasons, I liked Bob West's voice much better.

Hi if i cant remember my security answers for making a new password what can I do?

Actually not much. If you don't have a back recovery set up with the email then you may be out of luck. Microsoft hotmail or outlook as it's called today will allow recovery if you give them enoug... Read More »

In the sitcom Good Times the art contest who is the artist and what is the name of the painting JJ tried to submit in the art contest?

The artist is Ernie Barnes. He did all of the artwork for the show.

Where do you register for the nightly money contest on the Jay Leno contest?