How to get my VHS tapes from my camcorder to my laptop?

Answer It depends, what is your camcorder? If it's like Hi-8 or something (the one where the only output is RCA video), you'll need a peripheral called a Video Capture Device. I saw one for 50$ at Best ... Read More »

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I have small Hi 8 tapes from my camcorder and I want to put them on DVD?

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Can you transfer old camcorder tapes to cd?

If you have a player for the tapes then yes for about £35 or $60 you can buy a USB video adapter - if not search ebay or other photography store sites for companys that do it for you.Please rememb... Read More »

Camcorder tapes question?

only vhs-c tapes can be played with an adapter in a video recorder. Hi8 will need a special player (or buy a cheap hi-8 camcorder).

Will 8mm tapes work in an hi8 camcorder?

Most Hi8 camcorders will play both 8mm tapes and Hi8 tapes. However, Hi8 tapes will not play in 8mm camcorders. Most 8mm and Hi8 analog tapes will play in digital Hi8 camcorders, but digital tapes ... Read More »