How to get louder incall volume on my Samsung galaxy s2?

Answer Unfortunately, that's what you are left with. Try using a Bluetooth headset.

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How to Make the Volume Louder on a Samsung Alias?

The Samsung Alias is a Verizon Wireless cell phone that automatically turns on the speakerphone when you open it to reveal the QWERTY keyboard. Sometimes, though, the speaker phone or even the regu... Read More »

Which phone is better - Samsung galaxy S advance or Samsung galaxy S2 plus?

galaxy s2 plus is an integration of is betterthan s has a brodcom processor. well you will get xperia ion for 22k. I would like to recommend you nexus 4 considering the fact that y... Read More »

Is samsung galaxy note 2 also waterproof like samsung galaxy s3?

No such thing as a waterproof phone. A headphone jack or a charging port will let water in. Never mind the speaker and mic.The Galaxy S3 has "waterproof" cases. Consider them water resistant, not... Read More »

Which one do you thinks best samsung galaxy s3 or samsung galaxy note?

GS III will be the more comfortable phone to hold and work with. Not that it's small, but the Note simply dwarfs anything next to it. Both handsets are made of plastic (though the GS III is polycar... Read More »