How to get longer hair when it's at your neck ?

Answer Keeping your ends trimmed is really important so that your hair stays healthy. Also try not to use damaging tools on your hair like a straightner, curling iron etc. I also heard that flipping your ... Read More »

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What is it when you have knots behind your right ear and another on your neck and they cause headaches and been there for longer than 6 months?

Answer "what is it?" It's time to go to the doctor. While "knots" would seem to imply a subcutaneous origin, it's impossible to tell without direct examination. It could well be of a lymphatic or i... Read More »

How to Make Your Hair Look Longer When It's Curled?

It is possible for your hair to look longer when it's curled. Take steps prior to styling hair and use styling techniques to give the illusion of length. Hair looks best when it is in good conditio... Read More »

Is it ok to have hair on the back of your neck and arm hair?

Oh, dont worry. I myself have hairy arms (Dark hair) I used to get made fun of when i was younger too. I shaved my arms a couple of times when i was in middle school but it was so tedious to me so ... Read More »

How to Make Your Hair Grow Longer with Biotin for hair?

Using Biotin to grow hair longer is an effective way for results. You can add a few extra inches to hair each month and build your hair volume drastically. Always make sure your hair has natural oi... Read More »