How to get longer hair when it's at your neck ?

Answer Keeping your ends trimmed is really important so that your hair stays healthy. Also try not to use damaging tools on your hair like a straightner, curling iron etc. I also heard that flipping your ... Read More »

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How can I make my neck longer?

If you shaved your head and put some pantyhose over your face, you could pass for a huge dildo.

How to Make a Neck Appear Shorter or Longer?

The length of your neck plays a large role in your overall appearance. A short neck can make shoulders look broad and your stature appear short, while a long neck can make a tall person seem long a... Read More »

What is it when you have knots behind your right ear and another on your neck and they cause headaches and been there for longer than 6 months?

Answer "what is it?" It's time to go to the doctor. While "knots" would seem to imply a subcutaneous origin, it's impossible to tell without direct examination. It could well be of a lymphatic or i... Read More »

How to Make Your Hair Grow Longer with Biotin for hair?

Using Biotin to grow hair longer is an effective way for results. You can add a few extra inches to hair each month and build your hair volume drastically. Always make sure your hair has natural oi... Read More »