How to get it to stop hurting?

Answer Put ice in a zip lock bag and have it on your finger. It also helps when you switch cold to hot and hot to cold. Put your finger under hot water for a few minutes and then put the ice on again. Don... Read More »

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How can I get my calves to stop hurting?

Heat is the best treatment. Also gentle stretching exercises. Recovery will take several days.

How do i get my ankle to stop hurting?

Try to move it around as much you can. It's sore because your ankle is stiff. Ice it as well.

How to Stop a Kid Who Is Hurting Animals?

Animal abuse is never funny or cool. Sometimes kids don't understand this, or they may be inadvertently hurting an animal because they don't know how to handle them.

How to get a burn to stop hurting?

Go to Walgreens and get a Silver sufiazine ointment it works really good