How to get high?

Answer well apart from alcohol I would recommend weed or shhrooms or even some prescription pills. Don't do cocain, crack, X, LSD or heroin though.

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Drunk or high Whats better, I've never been drunk but I've been high and it's great weed high?

I can't say whether one is better than the other. Two different feelings. I've had some awesome times being drunk. And some awesome times being high. It depends on whether you wanna feel chill, sle... Read More »

Can a teenager use Isopropyl Alcohol to get high or to combine with something else to get high?

Answer Some teenagers will use anything to get high. I just heard that some of the kids in British Columbia, Canada are drying and smoking a plant we grow here in our gardens called 'Salvia.' Blew ... Read More »

What Kind of High End, HD Video Camera should I get for High End Quality DVD filming?

Well there is a big market! I'm asuming you are looking at the high-end of the consumer market, as opposed to the pro market.At the lower end of the high end (!) sits the Sony HDR-FX7. It still giv... Read More »

I got high HIGH thyroid and type 2 diabetes, has any1 been through this?

I myself haven't been through it but my daughter has. She was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 10 and when she was 14, her blood tests showed a high thyroid function too. Apparently, di... Read More »