How to get hair bright purple?

Answer First you will need to use bleach:) sooo bleach your hair till its pretty light! Then when thats wrinsed out and dryed you can dye it purple:) 2Very good purple brands are plat:) splats purple is m... Read More »

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Wanting to dye my hair a lavender color...but the dye is a bright purple?

Nononononon! ahha no. Dont do that dont. Mix purple dye with conditioner in a bowl. Mix it untill its one shade darke rthen the color you want so just slightly darker. Leave that on your hair for a... Read More »

Why does purple come out of the printer bright blue?

I just pooped bright purple poop, please help?

Maybe from something you ate that had that color in it. My son pooped blue after drinking a lot of blue kool-aid.

Where can I buy a bright blue and deep purple eueshadows?

They have really good ones in Both of those colors in walmart and target called Color Tattoo by Maybelline. They work really well.