How to get flat stomach?

Answer you need ab training 5-10 mins everyother dayalso cardio 20-30 mins 3-4 days a weekan eat more proteins, reduce carbstry drinking green tea

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How to Get a Flat Stomach?

Stomach feeling flabby or just want to do a little toning up to get it looking good? Let these tips be your guide.

How can I get a flat stomach?

jogging is an excellent exercise because it let you lose weightevenly throughout your whole body. If you want to lose weight inspecific areas, you should target them with exercises. If they areyour... Read More »

Flat Stomach?

what helped for me is: i bought alot of healthy food and healthy snacks( carrots, apples, bananas). I ate through out the whole day. 3 big meals, and healthy snacks in between. my favorite is whole... Read More »

How to get a flat stomach in a week!?

no carbs part from fruits completely but less of the processed stuff..if u cant resist that then only have a little and in the mornin and make sure its brown (wholemeal)... bare it for a week ,trus... Read More »