How to get better at doing pull ups?

Answer You're probably over training. You should only do your exercises once every three days to allow your muscles recovery time. Don't do them daily!! Also, trying doing your pullups like this --> http:... Read More »

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Is it possible to pull a muscle from doing too many kegels?

I'm pulling my muscle just thinking about this.

Can you pull a muscle from doing too many kegal exercises?

oh god, tell me you and Crushed are available next weekend...

How much does doing pull ups and chin ups affect your grip strenght?

beyond 15 will surely affect grip strength

How can you work your biceps and back without weights and without doing pull ups?

Prisoners DO have access to gym equipment...BUTYou can work out muscles without equipment at all.Dynamic tension is a method used to build strength without the use of weights. It pits Muscle agains... Read More »