How to get beer if underaged?

Answer family members, pay a homeless guy, make older friend, someone at work, ask some random person outside store, and it all else fails a beer run.

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Can you buy drink underaged uk?

You could try asda or tescos deliverys. but still you will need an adult to clame the drinks. woulndt goro morrisons as they refuse adults with disbilitys. all becase they look drunk.

Is this underaged drinking?

I'm just going to reiterate what everyone else is saying:a) cops have better things to do than peruse through all these girls' MySpaces and fine them,b) and their drinking will come back to haunt t... Read More »

Are you allowed to go into Bar in geramany if you are underaged (14)?

Sorry eh but no you gotta be 16 regardless of if drinking or not. There isabsolutely no reason for a 14 year child to be in the presence of alcohol.

I saw a picture of a naked girl on the internet. It said underaged!!?

OMFG...The internet police are on there way...Kidding but quit looking at naked chicks on the web. Get a girlfriend .