How to get bangs like Chachi?

Answer If you want to cut your bangs like her just show the picture to a hair stylist at a salon and they should be able to cut it the same way. To style it like her picture, it looks like you would have ... Read More »

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Who played Chachi on 'Happy Days?

How to Cut Your Bangs Like an Emo?

Emo hairstyles hearken back to the wild, colored and untamed hairstyles of 1980s musicians, and one defining characteristic is bangs. Emo bangs are cut to fall diagonally across the face -- they a... Read More »

How do I get my bangs like this?

first, grow them out . then use a curler and curl them back from the roots. then make all your hair wavy, then just use hair spray for it to stay back (:

Which bangs do you like better?

Second one looks exotic and beautiful, gives a lovely hint of "Mysterious beauty". I like the second one best