How to get back at someone you hate when he has dirt on you?

Answer Tell everybody the dirt yourself, they're more likely to understand if you come clean. Then your nemesis has nothing and you can do anything. It's about power, you need to take away theirs. Altern... Read More »

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Dont you hate when people treat you like dirt?

yeah expiessally when you are relly nice and dont do anything

Dont you hate when someone hogs the computor?

Nah... I have my own laptop and NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO TOUCH IT!

Don't you hate it when someone has $20 vodka and $1.59 orange juice?

Why do women in the west drink liquor? Is it because of the cold climate? We women dont drink out here... so i have no idea what you are talking about.

Don't you just HATE when someone posts a picture.....?

No. It really doesn't bother me because I couldn't give a flying monkeys about Facebook. It seems to be filled with people who think you should care about their jersey, which seems deluded and self... Read More »