How to get baby sleeping through the night?

Answer If the Baby is old enough try putting some cerial in his or her milk. That would help him or her sleep through the night.

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My 9 month old still isn't sleeping through the night, what can I do?

I was in the same boat my daughtr is 7mos. and all the suggestions you have already gotten I have tried too. Oh and don't feel bad I get that excuse " I didn't hear the baby crying" too. The bes... Read More »

Trouble sleeping at night?

A lot of teenagers have problems falling asleep at night. It's natural for a teen's body to stay up at night. What time do you want to fall asleep? Maybe two hours before that time, try laying in b... Read More »

Are futons ok for sleeping on every night?

On One Hand: Get Used to the Futon Over TimeA futon mattress, like any other mattress, takes time to get used to. The first several days on a new sleep surface, regardless of the type of mattress, ... Read More »

I have trouble sleeping at night!!?

Soak in a warm, relaxing bath before going to bed, or drink a glass of warm milk. The tryptophan in milk elevates the important chemical serotonin in the brain, with the result that you fall asleep... Read More »