How to get around the Youtube music block?

Answer The best way to get around this is to browse youtube through a proxy server. go to from here, type in the address bar on that page and as long as you stay o... Read More »

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Youtube United Kingdom Music Video Block?

yeah i just read that. its ridiculous and unfair on us here in the uk. i dont know the answer but good question and will be checking to see if anyone knows if theres a way round this.

If youtube has took down lot of music videos due to copyright, blocked them,what do you still use youtube for?

Youtube began as a personal website that three former Pay Pal employees set up in February of 2005. It was not originally meant to post videos from other companies just personal videos that users w... Read More »

How can I download YouTube Music ( the living tombstone) to my iPod music?

download realplayer 100% legal.when ever u go to a youtube vid it will pop up saying download this video and you can convert it to windows media player and synchronize it to your ipod. hope this he... Read More »

How do you download youtube music to your iPod or iPad music library from? < That site takes the video from Youtube and converts it into mp3. Then you can put it in iTunes and transfer them into your iDevice :)