How to get an imaginary splinter out of your foot?

Answer Try soaking your foot in a mixture of epsom salts and very warm water. It may draw out whatever you have there or at least make it visible enough to grasp with tweezers.

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How to get a splinter out of your foot?

Find the tweezers. That is the best way to remove a splinter.

How to get rid of a splinter in your foot?

you can use tweezers or you can get very sticky tape (duck tape) and put it gently on the splinter and when you pull of the tape the splinter will come out with it.

Did anybody else hate when you had a splinter in your foot and your parents got a needle to get it out?

i had all but forgotten that thank you for killing my mood. maybe i will torture me future children this way when they are bad make them walk bare footed in the woods lmao

Splinter in my foot... can I leave it in?

Your body will eventually push it out. Just don't wear any constrictive shoes. Try wearing sandals for a while. Do you have anyone willing to take a look and see if they can get it out for you. You... Read More »