How to get always the best resualts in printing works ?

Answer First of all, you need to find a reliable printer.Next, you have to make sure that your monitor is calibrated to show colors accurately. Monitors show colors in RGB, but printing use CMYK process, ... Read More »

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Printing works, but scanning does not?

do you have your printer driver installation CD/DVD? if yes then uninstall your printer driver and printer software and restart your computer and re-install it again. make sure you turn your print... Read More »

Why is it that my hp F4135 always not printing like my computer says add a device?

try refreshing your computer completly also known as a soft restart then try adding then plugging together. this may work if not thanks for giving me 2 points

HP PSC 1510 printer always prints the test page before printing required document. How to prevent this?

Go in the Toolbox and uncheck where it says to print a test page on startup.I believe that is in the Service menu.

I always have paper left from the printing kit but not ink left in the printer cartridge. Why is this?

Maybe your printing things that require a lot of a certain color and it takes a mix of all to get that color perhaps? not totally sure but sounds logical to me