How to get a song from Youtube into my video?

Answer it WAS Rebecca Black's Friday. But since Rebecca had the original video removed the most disliked video is once again Baby by Justin Bieber

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How can i make a song from youtube into an mp3 format?

If you use Firefox than just add this add-on, I use it myself its pretty easy to use.…

Hi! how do we transfer a video from YouTube into our computer?

Okay there are many ways for this and I would advice u to search for your query before asking a question because I have already answered a number of similar questions.So you can do it by using:http... Read More »

How to download song & video from Youtube What websites or software that needed?

Download this software >>…or u can go to and just paste d url of video and download it.

To all song expert,what song play on this video (on 00:12 )?

"I'll Be a Virgin, I'll Be a Mountain" - Maximilian Hecker…