How to get a rough-tough-new look within 5days ?

Answer CLOTHES: Tear the sleeves off your shirts and wear jeans with rips and holes in them. Unbutton your shirts and pop those collars! Fingerless (biker style) gloves help pull off a tough look. Try a b... Read More »

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How to Look Tough?

"Nerd!" "Geek!" "Dork!" Had enough of these offensive terms? Getting picked on or bullied for being weak or looking geeky? Well if you can't BE tough, you can always fake it! While some of the foll... Read More »

How to Look Scary in a Rough Neighbourhood?

Own that scowlA lot of people live in a rough area where random people will try and hassle you. The best way to prevent this is looking scary.

How many vials of crack does one have to smoke every day to look this rough at age 23?

Damn that's sad, but man I wish I was her dealer. I could be retired by now.

How to Look Amazing Within a Few Months (Girls)?

It's easy to have a one-day makeover with makeup or a borrowed look. But how about a long-term, full-body makeover? That takes effort, but it's possible!