How to get a q tip thats stuck in my ear out sombody help me help me plz?

Answer Just grab hold of the thing and pull it out of your ear. There's no way can get a Q-Tip stuck in your ear to where you can't just pull it out.

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When can you help me im really stuck and i need your help?

Because it's downloading and installing malware on your computer.

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Believe it or not it can be done in one. You need to fire the red bird high and land on the structure from above, it may not go first time every time but it opens up the top to do it again with the... Read More »


O NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See, wat you need to do is go to tha store.but eAr dropz that say "Swimmer's ear" on dA bottle.( U kan ask the store ppl if u need help choosing 1)Den drOp a drippy drop into... Read More »

Found a lost iphone thats locked attempted to return please help.?

Verizon should have been more help. I usually take the phone and locate the owner myself, then keep it in the store's safe for a month before donating it. The store can also see if it's still activ... Read More »