How to get a printer to work if you dont have the CD?

Answer go to HP website> support and drivers> download the latest PCL 6 driver> unzip it> look where it is copied to your system>there will be a setup icon there> click and then follow the instructions...

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I can't install a printer as I dont have the disk for it. I have Windows XP and the printer is HPpsc1317.?…

I have a hace an hp printer.. but the corel fusion program keeps defaulting to a corel printer, which i dont h?

You should be able to select your printer from a list of printers when you select File then Print. Also, try shutting down the printer & computer completely & then power them back on to see if mayb... Read More »

I want to buy a printer but dont know which one?

If you buy a printer at wal-mart then no matter which printer you buy it is going to be a piece of crap designed to break and eat through ink or toner. If you don't need color printing then buy an... Read More »

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