How to get a make up stain off clothes?

Answer Things You’ll Need:Wipes Makeup remover Toothpaste Cloth Soap Shampoo Detergent Step1Identify the type of makeup stain as the spot treatment you choose depends on the type of stain. Usually compl... Read More »

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How do I get grease stain out of clothes?

Here is how I treat similar stains in the clothing in my home: you know that dish detergent you use to hand wash dishes (like the liquid Palmolive you have sitting at the sink)? Just dab some of... Read More »

How do I remove an ink stain from my clothes?

SolventPour dry cleaning solvent on a fresh sponge or a clean towel. Blot the ink stain and the surrounding area until ink no longer transfers to the sponge. Rotate sponge as needed. Rinse the stai... Read More »

How do you get wood stain out of clothes?

Antiperspirants That Don't Stain Clothes?

You used to have a crisp white button-down shirt. It was your favorite shirt, once upon a time, before antiperspirant stains left it a yellowed, crumpled mess of ickiness. Forget trying to remove t... Read More »