How to get a good body shape ?

Answer You can't really lose weight in 1 place is not possible. Doing 1000 crunches a day won't help either. Try doing Cardio Exercises. Running is #1 on my list. Run about 1 mile at first then increase i... Read More »

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What Body Shape Am I?

wow. u look really athletic and in great shape.

Do you think i have a V shape body ?

It's coming along. You look good - better to see the "V" from the back...If I were you, I would worok on the lats and delts to get more width up top.Nice cuts by the way: you must have a good diet... Read More »

What is my body shape?

Have I got my body shape right?

If you're a 34D, then you're full bust measurement is 38, which is what's usually used for determining body shape. At 38-28-37, you're most likely not a pear, but a vase shape, which is like an hou... Read More »