How to get a girl to like me over facebook?

Answer Ok bro you cant go in with that mindset that you might be coming across as a creeper because then you will. You need to be confident and i know this might sound weird but dont give a rats *** about... Read More »

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Facebook help with girl:(?

To be honest I think you should back off for a while. You kind of acted really impulsive, and now she is probably either annoyed by you or scared.

Should i add this girl on facebook?

Yeah you should youll be able to get to know her better just because talking online is a little less weird when it comes to talking to someone you dont know. Ill add people from different countries... Read More »

How to Get a Girl to Like You on Facebook?

You want a girl, but just can't seem to get one in person? Try doing it virtually and work your way up to the real thing!

Facebook please help me with this girl:(?

There is obviously a reason she hasnt replied. I would personally let it go especially since you two have never met. Ifshe wants to talk to you she will, but if you keep harassing her shes just goi... Read More »