How to get a five year old to read?

Answer I am a head start teacher in WI and I think she should maybe check out a head start program in your area, she may not learn to read a book but she will learn enough sight words to understand a stor... Read More »

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Why my seven year son always tries to tease my five year old daughter and i can not find out the reason?

Try setting aside some "special" time alone with your son. You could go with a certain day of the week for just him. Once every say Friday from 5 to 6 is our special time. Set the same time every w... Read More »

How to Read a Whole Harry Potter Book in Five Hours?

Do you want to finish a whole Harry Potter book in a day or less? It takes more than an obsession with the series to do so- here's how.This is mainly for the final four as they are the longest.

Can a twenty five year old man in New York state get in trouble for getting a sixteen year old pregnant if they are getting married but the pregnancy started before the marriage?

Answer All depends on if the parents of the girl choose to press charges against him.

How to Ignore a Five Year Old?

Five year olds love to get on your nerves. Find a way to prevent that by ignoring them.Five year olds are one of the hardest things to control. They want cookies and candy, but you want to be left ... Read More »