How to get a five year old to read?

Answer I am a head start teacher in WI and I think she should maybe check out a head start program in your area, she may not learn to read a book but she will learn enough sight words to understand a stor... Read More »

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Best i Pod or MP3 Player for a 12 year old Please read !?

I would go for an iPod Nano with a case equipped with an arm band. It makes the PERFECT addition to his active lifestyle. He can just slip it on his arm and run freely as he likes. The case will ru... Read More »

Tutor a 5 year old to read?

Instructions STEP 1: Read! Set aside time every day to read with your child whether your child is 5 years old or 15. Read to your child and have your child read to you. Read the same favorite book ... Read More »

How to Teach a 9-Year-Old How to Read?

There is almost always be an underlying problem when a 9-year-old is struggling with reading. Parents and teachers should determine the reason and get specialized help so the student won't fall far... Read More »

How to Teach 3-Year-Olds to Read?

Filled with curiosity, energy and excitement, a typical 3-year-old may find the idea of sitting down for a reading lesson to be boring and uninteresting. Reading is a skill that preschool-aged chil... Read More »